Basics Speaking In English

English is a language that is very mandatory in the study because English is an international language that can connect all the nations in the world. Therefore, if you do not currently master the English language, it would be better if you courses in place of reliable English lessons as you can find on Apart from that, here are some basic speaking in English you need to know!

You use “in” while in a room, building, and other physical location. Some examples are as follows.
I’m in a house.
I’m in a car.
I’m in front of the door.

You use “at” to tell where your current location is. Unlike “in”, “at” is used to indicate a more general physical location. Some examples are as follows.
I’m at the mall.
I’m at the airport.
I’m at the bank.

You use “on” to refer to a non-physical location where you are using it.
I’m on the phone.
I’m on a sit.
I’m on a bus.
I’m on a car.

Using “I’m + verb” means you are expressing an action or thing about yourself that is happening right now. Some examples are as follows.
I’m eating too much.
I’m drawing a cartoon.
I’m getting a lot of money.
I’m having a child.