Here are Some Holy Books That Ever Been Along The Quran

Apart from Islam, there are many religions that have ever come down to this earth. All of these religions usually have a book that becomes a guide for each of its people. One of them is Islam, Islam has the Quran as a guide to living the life in the world. Many people study the Qur’an and make it a lifeline to get a better and quiet life. Now, you no longer have to difficult to study the Quran, because you can learn it at and you will get full guidance when studying it.

Apart from Islam, there are some religions that have books for their people, such as

– Bible
This book was revealed to the Prophet Moses. In this book, there are several Shari’a and the law according to the place and conditions of the day.

– Book of Zabur
This book is revealed to the Prophet David who contains prayer, dhikr, teaching, and wisdom. However, this book does not contain religious laws and shari’a.

– The Gospels
This book fell to Prophet Isa to explain some laws and teach man about the creed of tawhid.

– Al-Qur’an
This scripture was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad through the martyred of Gabriel and is seen as the last book ever to come into the world.