Natural Family Restaurant in South Tangerang to Eliminate Your Saturation!

Want to find a place to eat natural nuance in a big city like Jakarta? It’s difficult! But calm down, it turns out in the area of Tangerang scattered family restaurant nuances of nature. There we can enjoy the natural beauty to release fatigue. So we do not have to go far out of town to enjoy the feel of nature. Well, to know more about South Tangerang then you can visit website.

Apart from that, here are some Natural Family Dining Restaurants In South Tangerang To Eliminate Your Saturation!

1. Wisata Bukit Pelayanan (Bupe) Resto Serpong
The following rustic restaurant is called Bukit Pelayang in cilenggang, but people often refer to it as BUPE. Here we will be treated to natural scenery, such as terraces or terraces, which are adorned with fish ponds and water gurgling sound that brings us like being in the village.

2. Kampung Nirwana Serpong
The restaurant also presents an atmosphere of natural nuance as its theme, precisely located in the area cisauk. This spacious restaurant has a small river that surrounds the entire restaurant area. Armed with the concept of village restaurant combined with a view of the park with the river, will be a beautiful view of the hut that you occupy. Another uniqueness that Kampung Nirwana offers is the Education Park for children such as ceramics making activities, ceramic coloring, decorating hat, fish catching pond, fishing pond for children, balloon magic making, to how to plant rice.