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Tangsel news sites are designed to be accessible for free by readers. Therefore, since tangsel news first appearance, the managers are already thinking about how to get the news sites able to get advertising support. Attempts to examine how the steps of managing tangsel news sites in Indonesia become relevant to see how the problems faced in managing news sites. The spectrum of financial issues as a consequence of two-face-based media (readers / accessors and advertisers) will be a distinctive color in an attempt to see editorial management on tangsel news sites.

What makes the tangsel news different forms of communication different from each other is not the actual application, but the changes in communication processes such as the speed of communication, the price of communication, the perceptions of communicating parties, the storage capacity, the facility of accessing information, the density ( density), the wealth of information flows, the amount of functionality / intelligence that can be transferred only in tangsel news.

One of the most common online media designs applied in tangsel news modern journalistic practice today is news sites. Tangsel news information portal as the name suggests is a gateway of information that allows accessing information to obtain various features of online technology facilities and news in it.