SEO is an Important Point in Digital Marketing

Having a blog just is not enough to be a successful online business. If you are aware, now both small and large businesses are racing to show their presence through the website. This makes the business competition on the internet becomes very hot. Responding to the competition, the presence of search engines is considered to be one solution for the website can be found easily. But again new problems arise, that is when visitors type a particular keyword search engine, will appear tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions, and even tens of millions of search results listings. And readers tend to prioritize what he first saw at the first page of his search results. This is what then trigger the competition to get ranked the first page of search engines. To get SEO, you can visit .

For large businesses, using PPC services (Paid Per Click) can be an alternative to bring traffic. But for small businesses, spending capital for the cost of PPC would be a tough thing. Therefore, then taken another way is to optimize the web structure in the eyes of search engines, so that search results can be displayed on the first page. This is what is then referred to as SEO. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a process to increase traffic through search engines (google, yahoo, bing, MSN, etc.) to a website by following the rules and search engine algorithms. The hope, if a web in SEO, the web is in the top position of search results so that more likely to get visitors.

1. A website that has good SEO will have a good ranking in search engines. With a good ranking, it means the possibility of traffic coming from search engines is very large. High visitor traffic is a positive signal. Welcome and make them loyal visitors to your blog.

2. SEO can help improve the ability of potential visitors to remember a company, product or web in a particular category (brand awareness). Brand awareness can be a benchmark of the existence of your company, product, or web in the eyes of the public. Gradually this will be the right selling point in order to increase the number of sales and selling power of the product or service that you are offered.