Still, Want To Get The Benefits Of Seaweed, So Do not Throw Waste Into The Sea

Seaweed that has many benefits for health and beauty is, in fact, experiencing a crisis in its natural habitat. Seaweed ecosystems in the world are experiencing environmental chrisms due to human activities and climate change. Seaweed is obviously very beneficial for health and beauty. Many medications contain seaweed to supplement their usefulness. One of them can be found at  . seaweed that has many uses in the field of beauty, health, and food should have a safe and comfortable habitat so that they can grow fertile and we can get the benefits.

In fact, seaweed plays a very big role in human life and other marine animals. Seaweed absorbs a lot of carbon emissions every day. Because of this, seaweed can help reduce global warming that is happening on earth. Seaweed is also used in drug content, beauty creams, and various foods. If the seawater base increases, then there will be a lot of lost seaweed ecosystems because they do not get enough sunlight. It is estimated, there will be 17 percent of seaweed ecosystems lost in every country if seafloor rise is really happening. Seaweed ecosystem will be maintained if we can also keep it. One way to guard it is not to throw away the waste we produce into the open seas or water channels that will flow into the sea.