Stress and Smoking Can Increase Diabetes Risk

High activity causes a person’s stress level to increase. To overcome this, you should try to prevent or handle the stress properly. You need to know, stress can increase the risk for diabetes. When stressed, the body will increase the production of the hormones epinephrine and cortisol. Both hormones are useful for increasing blood sugar levels and also to provide energy reserves for the body to perform various activities. Actually, the condition is designed in such a way as to maintain body condition. However, the sugar content that continues to be directly stimulated will increase the risk for diabetes.

Usually, people who feel stressed will switch to smoking. Smoking proved to have no positive impact on the body. In addition to increasing the risk of cancer and heart problems, smoking will also cause diabetes. Based on research conducted in the United States, smoking can increase the risk of diabetes by 22%. Reducing cigarettes will not produce significant results. To prevent diabetes, the most effective step is to actually stop smoking and use