Tips for having the right AC temperature

For some people, air conditioner like a fan that once flame can immediately cool the entire room. The difference is for the air conditioner, you can determine the temperature that is produced by the air conditioner. Unfortunately, there are still many laymen who do not understand how to set the correct AC temperature. Meanwhile, you can also visit if you need to repair your air conditioner soon.

The right air conditioner temperature saves not only the monthly power outage but also affects your body’s health. The temperature is too cold in the room can make you exposed to health problems such as hypothermia and flu. Therefore, here is how to set the fitting AC temperature indoors:

Setting first at 25.5oC

First, determine the most appropriate standard temperature for your room. However, this does not necessarily mean that you keep setting this temperature all the time. This is also adjusted to the outdoor temperature conditions that also affect. This temperature is considered the best temperature because you can feel the cold while saving the cost of electricity home.
Raise and lower one-degree step by step

If you feel the temperature 25.5o C is still too hot, lower the temperature one level lower. Feel slow, lower again until you feel comfortable. This is similar to if you feel too cold with a temperature of 25.5o C. Raise slowly until you find the ideal temperature for your room.